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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a physical address for my property?
A: Contact Goshen County Road and Bridge at 307-532-3716. The person you need to speak to is Valerie Hankins.

Q: How do I get a mail box at the ranch?
A: Find a spot on the existing railing and put your mail box on it! What if there is no space available? If you are feeling industrious, construct a new post for you and your future neighbors to use. Alternatively, post office boxes can be obtained in Fort Laramie.

Q: What about trash and how do I get service?
A: The trash cans at the entrance are all individually paid for by current property owners for their personal use. This service is provided by and billed through TDS directly. To obtain a receptacle and service, contact TDS at 307-532-7515.

Q: How do I get internet service?
A: VISIONARY has two /three towers on the ranch and is offering speeds of 10 and 50Mbps. Download the FLYER for more information. Another option used by some at the ranch is HUGHESNET.

Q: How do I get power to my property?
A: See the "Power Buy-In Inquiries" in the menu at left.

Q: Who can I contact to drill my water well?
A: This link provides names and phone numbers of local drilling companies (see Area 4–Goshen County)

Q: What is the clearance of the main entry gate?
A: The approximate measurements of the entry is 16'6" tall by 16' wide.

Q: What is the road easement?
A: The roadway and utility easement is 60 ft. (30 ft. on either side of the road). If placing a permanent structure such as a fence, to ensure proper placement, locate your property pins and place the fence on your side of the pins.
Click here for a detailed diagram of the easement.

Q: Why is there a fence on my property that I didn't put there and who do I contact about it?
A: Since Pine Ridge Ranch was a working ranch prior to 2004 (cattle grazed the property), fences had been erected to facilitate rotational grazing. If you find a fence on your property and have questions/concerns about it, please contact Arnold Tollefson. Or remove it.

Q: Can ranch properties currently 'For Sale' be listed on the web site?
A: A search of local realtors should provide a listing of most of the properties currently for sale.


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