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Ready for Electric Power on Your Site?

Step 1: Contact the PRRPOA Board of Directors to obtain the current buy-in amount required for power service. Once calculated, the buy-in amount will be deposited into the PRRPOA utility account, currently held at First State Bank in Torrington, WY.

Step 2: Once buy-in amount deposit has been made into the PRRPOA utility account, PRRPOA will issue an Electric Service Eligibility Certificate (power permit) for your lot(s). This is your proof of power purchase. This certificate remains with the property, transferring to any future owners of the property.

Step 3: Contact Wyrulec for power service. You will need to produce the Electric Service Eligibility Certificate (power permit) before Wyrulec will connect power.

WYRULEC CO. (307) 837-2225

A note about the power infrastructure:
The electric power available on the Pine Ridge Ranch, prior to subdivision of the property, was via existing aerial lines available to only 25 out of 189 parcels. A majority of the property owners agreed to fund a private infrastructure project to bring buried electric cable to all parcels unserved by the existing aerial lines. One hundred percent of the cost of this project was borne by this group of property owners who paid $10,000 per parcel. Parcel owners that did not participate in this initial infrastructure cost must pay the original $10,000 plus interest from December 2, 2005, to receive power to a parcel from the privately-financed system. The cost plus interest accrual is capped at a maximum infrastructure fee of $25,000. The PRRPOA Board of Directors was authorized to manage the financial matters of payments made for connection to the infrastructure. If a non-participating owner/buyer wishes to connect to the buried power system, he/she must contact the PRRPOA Board of Directors for information/instruction on power buy-in. Full payment must be made payable to the PRRPOA Utility account at First State Bank, Torrington, Wyoming. Wyrulec, the power provider for this area, will not extend power service from this infrastructure project to any parcel until that parcel’s share is paid. Upon payment, a power permit will be issued by the PRRPOA Board. The PRRPOA and Wyrulec have record of those participants.

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